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We are your local E-Waste Disposal company in Menifee! Operating in the Menifee, CA region, we can help unclutter any home or commercial space.

The G-Hauls team of E-Waste Disposal experts are here to make your life easier. We provide trash removal service, so you don’t need an additional dumpster at home or on-site rental fees for when it’s full! Plus our drivers will take care in loading up their truck with whatever needs cleaning out.

G-Hauls offers a fast and affordable way to remove any type of E-Waste from your home or business in Menifee, CA. We ring us directly with no middlemen so you can get an accurate price on the dumpster size needed for all those recyclables!

Why Choose Our E-Waste Disposal Service in Menifee?

We work hard at delivering quality E-Waste Disposal services that will make sure we leave your property looking spotless Рwithout cutting corners along the way because customer satisfaction matters most.

Contact us when you need a company that has been in business for years, provides excellent customer service, and can handle any project no matter how big or small our customers know they’ll get the job done right. We service both residential and commercial properties in the Southwest Riverside County area.

Need Next Day Junk Removal Services? Call or Text us at (951) 502-2127 any day of the week!

We Make E-Waste Disposal Services Simple & Efficient

We know life is busy. You don’t have time for the headaches of Appliance Removal services, just pick up your schedule and let us handle it! When you choose G-Hauls Junk Removal Service, not only are we local and affordable but also reliable. With G-Hauls, you can get rid of all your junk quickly and easily. No need for a long drive just to drop off some items. We offer dumpster rental services as well if needed.

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